We are Powerful Beyond Measure: A Letter to Ivanka Trump

Hi Ivanka,

Hope you are doing well. I want to express my sincere congratulations on your family's victory last night. I also want to ask if you remember me? We met a couple of times last year. I came to your office to interview you for my blog, and I was proud. I was a young woman just starting out in my career, inspired and energized by your brand's message of women empowerment and equality. 

First and foremost I am rooting for you, but since the last time we met I can't help but feel a little bit burned. I can't help but take your actions over the past year personally. And I can't help but feel like I've been completely lied to based on the hypocrisy that you so boldly exemplified while supporting a campaign built on tearing down the pillars of your own personal brand. What is so disheartening is that the campaign that you supported was built on insults and vitriol. Misogyny, racism, sexism, complete and utter bigotry, and a lack of very basic human decency, values that I believe(d) that you do not identify with.

So I feel burned, but at the same time I feel that you are the only glimmer of light in the darkness. I need you. We need you. You have a heavy burden to bear, and I am rooting for you. I'm hoping that you'll stand up for issues like women's rights that you promised me, and millions of others, were the cornerstones of your brand. I hope you'll be vigilant and keep your father accountable. I am ready to be your champion, but I am hoping that you'll hold up your end of the bargain. I am begging you to be not only my champion, but the champion for those that need you much more than I do. Please do not let me down. 

With love and sincerity, 

Molly Flynn 

April 2015.

April 2015.