TED Talk Tuesday: Amy Cuddy on How Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

You may know that body language affects how others see us, but did you know that body language can also affect how we perceive ourselves? In this TED talk Amy Cuddy, social psychologist and Harvard Business School professor, talks about how "power posing" can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain. Even when we don't feel our most confident, standing in a power pose can have a positive impact on our chances for success. So if you have a date, an interview, or an important test coming up, you might want to watch Cuddy's talk below. 

I've recently been in a lot of social situations where I felt completely out of my comfort zone. Whether I was interviewing Ivanka Trump at her office in New York City or going on an important job interview, Cuddy's words helped me through it all. It really hit home for me around the 18 minute mark when she tells a story about one of her Harvard Business School students who came into her office and said, "I'm not supposed to be here." I know what its like to feel like you don't deserve something. I know what its like to feel completely defeated and lacking confidence. I now realize that the way I view myself is the only thing holding me back from achieving my goals.