Last night I stayed up until 3am watching SRSLY, the web-series by Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson. I know I'm late to the party, but SRSLY the show is my new obsession. It's a perfect marriage between HBO's Girls, and former web-series Broad City (recently acquired by Comedy Central)...except more relatable, less self deprecating, and condensed into digestible two minute episodes.

HEYY Girl, just calling to let you know that you can't afford groceries this week! xo  

I recently experienced a similar situation. Except it was my Mom calling to ask about my current financial situation. Rightfully so, because the only three places my transactions come from are Uber, Drybar, and Trader Joe's. Completely justifiable.

What's a SRSLY moment?

Any mini awkward moment that happens when you think you're being semi glamorous. It's like a good twitter account - short, sweet, and elicits a laugh out loud situation when you're alone in public. 

P.S. It's the weekend. Let's srsly go out.

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