My DVF Journey of a Dress

As a woman, dressing for work can be tricky. In the past I’ve struggled with trying to look professional, while also wanting to show off my personal style and feel comfortable. I am averse to wearing a traditional pant or skirt suit to work. I find them so uninteresting, and unflattering on my body. In the future I will be posting outfit photos that I hope will inspire you to dress more creatively in the workplace.

I was first introduced to the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress after my freshmen year of college. I began working during the summers in corporate office settings and was completely lost when it came to getting dressed for work in the morning. My mother works in commercial real estate and always looks put together and stylish at the office. I decided to start borrowing outfits from her closet. When I came across one of her DVF wrap dresses I had found the answers to all my corporate wardrobe problems. How could one dress flatter both a 19-year-old college student, and a 50-year-old business woman? Magic.

The DVF wrap dress is iconic. It has been in style since its inception 40 years ago. It's suitable for every woman and transcends boundaries of age, body type, and profession. When you put on a DVF dress you instantly exude confidence, and appear on trend whether you are headed to the office or happy hour. My favorite thing about the DVF wrap dress is that it doesn’t wrinkle. I can literally roll it up in the corner of my suitcase; it takes up minimal space, and will still look great when I go to wear it later. It's also fairly lightweight, so it's easy to wear in hot and humid summer weather.

In 1972, Diane Von Furstenberg launched her fashion empire with the simple slogan, “Feel like a woman. Wear a dress!”

Today I decided to recreate the iconic photo. Unfortunately I didn’t have a box to sit on for the shoot, however I did have some leftover pizza boxes from dinner the night before so I had to make do. 

I decided to keep the accessorizing to a minimum for this shoot because in my opinion the best accessories are a 3 day old Drybar blowout (get this girl some dry shampoo), and giant Karen Walker sunnies to hide your shame at happy hour when the bartender remembers your drink order. Also, is planking still a thing? Should I delete?

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg $365, Shoes: Zara $50, Sunglasses: Karen Walker $280, Blowout: Drybar 

Below is a list of similar styles that I've curated using Tisket. Happy shopping!